Club Five Clogging | Tuesday | 5 p.m.

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Recital Date/Time

Saturday, June 5, 2021
9 a.m.

Recital Music

Wild Wild West – Will Smith

Recital Choreography Video

Back View (Full Speed)

Back View (Slow)

Front View (Full Speed)

Front View (Slow)

Breakdown – Calypso

Breakdown – Clog Over Vine

Breakdown – Jump Step

Breakdown – Stomp Double Up

Breakdown – Syncopated

Costume: Two-piece cowgirl costume with the white hat and pretend boots.

Hair: Two low pigtails (so hat can stay on)

Hair Accessory: Two bows go at the ponytail holder of the pigtails so they will sit underneath the hat.

Other: Make sure clogging shoes are double knotted underneath the red shoe covers, and we wear a white leotard under the two piece costume. The shoe covers have a strap that should run on the outside of the shoe and around the bottom; they go on after the shoes are already on.