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What Our Families Say


“My daughter had her annual physical yesterday. Her doctor commented on her increased muscle tone and better posture. She told him about dance and the strength training involved. I have noticed all of that in her along with more self confidence. Thank you for the impact you, the studio, and the awesome teachers have!”

Kristi W.


“Studio 5 has helped grow my daughter’s confidence in who she is and the person she wants to become. The owners do a great job combining a family atmosphere as well as pushing my daughter to be the best dancer she can be. There is a sense of community that is hard to find. Mike and Meghan are the best, and my daughter’s other teachers have raise the bar in pushing the girls to do their best and have a great time doing it! So blessed to be a part of this dance family!”

Sharon J.


“So happy we found our way to this studio- such a perfect combo of excellent dance instruction in a structured but loving environment!”

Monica I

Dance Legend


“When my family and I moved from a great dance studio in Maryland this summer we were so sad to leave. That quickly changed into happiness when we were welcomed into the Studio Five family. The owners truly care about all their students and families, and the instructors incorporate the perfect blend of teaching the students technique and discipline in a caring, fun, and motivating way. Plus, the parents and students are wonderful!”

Dayna B.

The Greatest