How do I know that dance is worth the investment?

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This is a GREAT question! You are getting ready to shell out hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for your child to dance. How do you know it is worth it? Her eyes light up when she talks about dance. She comes home and shows you what she is learning in class. Her confidence is blossoming. Maybe she always stood at the back or wouldn’t talk to others. Now you see her up front in the class, chatting away with new friends and sometimes even random people. She is willing to try new things. Her perseverance and work ethic are getting stronger every week. She meets challenges head on with a look of determination. All of these things come from dance. All of these are life skills.
Meet Gina. She came to us as a shy middle schooler who had just moved from Connecticut. She barely said 3 words her first year at the studio (I am not exaggerating). As she learned, grew, and became more involved with the studio we saw her transform from this shy kid to a confident young woman. Her skill level increased dramatically. She started competing and doing solos. She took as many classes as she could. She assisted in the preschool classes. She helped lead the Big Sister/Little Sister program with our Troupe dancers. She danced on the Disney stage and in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. She took dance in high school and auditioned for scholarships. This once shy kid was offered a $100,000 scholarship to Long Island University’s dance program! She ultimately decided to stay closer to home and attend UNC-Charlotte as a dance major. She is just one of the many success stories at Studio Five. As she heads off to college this week we wish her joy and success beyond her imagination.
Your child may not choose to continue with dance beyond her grade school years, but isn’t the confidence, self worth, perseverance, work ethic, and determination worth more than gold? Find the studio that will build that in your child. The one that is focused on proper development, love, and building confidence. That keeps class sizes low so that every child is given individualized attention and care. Where they value building relationships with all of their families, not just the company families. Come see us here at Studio Five. We would love to help build your child into a confident, passionate, well rounded young woman like Gina.