Ms. Meghan’s Musings – 3/10/2021

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One year later

Here we are just a few days shy of the one year anniversary of the world shutting down. Our routines were upended. What we knew to be consistent, what we counted on day to day, was suddenly not there anymore. School, church, hanging out with friends, seeing family, celebrations, activities – all changed in a heartbeat. As difficult as this year has been, we have all learned a lot. Here are the things we have learned, some of the fun we had, and the things we came to really value over the past year at Studio Five:

1. PIVOT! (It’s become the new dirty word at the studio!) We were able to pivot to an online dance experience in a matter of days. We built an online academy, learned how to teach to the camera, uploaded hundreds of classes, and got pretty creative with green screen technology. We created picture week into a boutique photo session week. Ms. Meghan learned how to take pictures and master lighting! We pivoted recital into a parking lot – tailgate style! We can handle anything at this point. We also learned to have plans A-Z just to be safe!

2. FUN – always find a way to have fun no matter what! We had 80’s dance parties, Disney dance parties, and Tea Parties. We made a toilet paper toss video (see below if you missed it last spring.. it was pretty epic!). We had a virtual talent show. We had a lip sync battle. Our favorite fun quarantine activity was when moms and dads learned their child’s dance and performed it!

3. BYE BYE SNOW DAYS! No more missed classes because of snow or flu or stupid viruses! We now have mastered Zoom and Spot TV (well most days) and can keep the dancing and learning happening no matter what Mother Nature or life throws at us!

4. CONNECTION is so important! We missed each other! Zoom became our connection to the world and each other. We held family dance parties, tea parties, story times, connection hours, staff parties, etc. Our dancers set up Zoom meetings and hung out with each other. They still do! They have created Zoom workout hours and game nights together. They have found a way to stay connected with each other whether they can be in person or not.

5. CONSISTENCY is key. The dancers that showed up virtually or in person consistently made tremendous growth this past year. It’s been hard. Things are constantly changing. We often feel very out of control of our choices and our lives. It’s a lot easier to just be at home, stay in our rooms, and cocoon. But – we know that’s not what is best for us. We need consistency. We need our schedules. We need interaction. We need to move. It helps us grow. Even when it’s hard… taking that step and showing up makes a huge difference. A lot of our dancers learned that this year. They realized the benefits of being consistent and dancing all year long and the disadvantages that come when you “take time off.” It’s so much harder to come back from a “break.”

6. BALANCE in life. We all were forced to take a step back and evaluate our busy schedules. We found the things that we truly missed and the things that we could live without (no kids… school is not one of those!). Holding on to and fully investing in the things we love and we are passionate about is what we should be doing with our precious time on this earth.

7. LOYALTY – The families that stood by us, trusted us, and stayed committed to dance through all of the ups and downs THANK YOU! Your commitment and loyalty to dance, to us, and to your child means the world to us (and to them)! We know it wasn’t always easy. We cannot thank you enough for your love and support through this past year.

We are so ready to move on past the last 12 months and into a much brighter future!! We have so many big plans!! Next season is our Crystal Anniversary (15 years of Studio Five – can you believe it?). We will open registration to existing students on Monday and then to new or returning students on April 1st. We sold out a majority of our classes this year, so don’t wait to get signed up for the summer and next season. We are expecting even more growth! We don’t want you to miss out on your opportunity to dance. Next year will be the adventure of a lifetime! (hint! hint! ?)

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