Ms. Meghan’s Musings – 1/13/2021

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SELF CARE. Do those feel like two dirty words sometimes? ?

You feel guilty when you actually do it, don’t you? ?

❓❓Where are you even supposed to fit it in?

? It is terrible that women in our society have been made to feel that way. If you take time for yourself then you are not taking care of “more important” things like your job, your children, your spouse, your house, and on and on and on.

➡️ Why should you come last? It is not selfish to take care of yourself. When did you become unimportant?

✅ Here’s a fact – If you don’t work then nothing will.
✅ If you aren’t ok then how can you make others ok?
✅ If you aren’t healthy then how can you take care of others?

‼ I encourage each of you to carve out some time for you. Do something that makes you feel good and helps you relax and recharge.

? Get your hair done or your nails done.
? Read a book
? Go on a walk by yourself or go to the gym
? Make a Zoom date with some girlfriends
? Lock the bathroom door and take a long bath with your favorite music playing and your favorite glass of wine
? Take a nap
? Give the kids pizza and a Disney Plus movie and then lock your door and binge your favorite rom com drama on Netflix and eat sushi (Bridgerton is great by the way!)

➡️ You need to take care of you. Find time in your day to have some “me time.” We are all under so much stress as mamas. We need time to decompress or we are going to explode, and that is not good for anyone. You know the old saying “If mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.” ?

❓❓What is the 1 thing you are committing to doing for YOURSELF this week?

? I have committed to working out for 30 minutes every day. I’m on day 12 and going strong. It helps me clear my mind and feel better during the day.

?I can’t wait to see what you all commit to doing for yourself.
❤️ Ms. Meghan

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