Ms. Meghan’s Musings – 1/20/2021

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Today we wore pearls – a sign of strength and elegance – exactly what a woman is. We celebrated the proverbial glass ceiling being broken. We finally have a woman – a woman of color – in the 2nd highest office in the land. It has been a long time coming. Whether you agree with her politically or not, it is a monumental day for all women. Our little girls see someone who looks like them, sounds like them, and is built like them in a position of power and influence.

As someone who attended Meredith College, an all woman’s college here in Raleigh, I can attest to how important it is to empower our young women to dream big, root themselves in strength, and demand respect. Without the support of my amazing professors, the strong education I received, the leadership opportunities that I was encouraged to pursue, and the constant support from my sisterhood I would not be the woman that I am today. I would not have the confidence, internal resolve, nor the level of grit that I have today. Being in an environment where I was not competing against men, my opinion mattered, I was respected, and I was never seen as anything but a strong, intelligent person made a huge difference in my life. I found my voice. I found my conviction. I found my confidence.

Our girls are capable of anything and everything. They are bright, creative, kind, strong, powerful, and beautiful souls. I love that they will not remember a time where girls could “not be” something. They are seeing that they can be anything that their heart desires. They are not going to be told that they can’t be President like many of us were told. They aren’t going to see being a woman as a roadblock to their dreams. They are growing up empowered. They have strong women to look up to. They see that the possibilities are endless. How amazing is that?

I love this quote: “A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.” ~ Gina Carey

May our girls give all of their challenges a wink, rise above them, and conquer the world! They have the power to change the world. The world won’t change them. I am so excited for our future!

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