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Virtuoso Dance Company - technical dance lessons


Virtuoso is defined as “one who excels in the technique of an artistic pursuit, especially in performance”. As Studio Five’s pre-professional company, Virtuoso seeks to balance the technical with the performance aspects of dance training and bring focus to the continuous cycle of discovery, growth, and mastery in art. Dancers are eligible to be invited into the program when they reach the technical ability of Synergy level 4 and additionally demonstrate leadership, discipline, dedication, and maturity.

The goal for this program is to prepare students for wherever their dance journey takes them after leaving Studio Five – anything from college programs and beyond:  community theatre, a Broadway stage, Walt Disney World Entertainment, a Cruise Ship, a professional dance team, a concert dance company, and more. 

Dancers are exposed to as much of the dance world as possible including not just a variety dance styles, but also the professional side such as audition techniques and self advocacy.  Dancers in the program participate in conventions and competitions throughout the season in addition to traveling to participate in workshops and taking extra classes at the studio.”


Company positions are open to all dancers. Placement auditions are held each June. Email us at info@studiofivedancecompany to get more information about company auditions.

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